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Thackurdeen Memorial, Kurt Wulfmeyer, in collaboration with the Thackurdeen family

Art and Nature Thus Allied

Fall 2015 / Issue I / CXIII

Shortly after Parrish Hall opened its doors on rolling farmland in 1869, nearby Philadelphia was busy enhancing its fledgling Fairmount Park with statuary.

Nearly a century later, Swarthmore began acquiring its own outdoor sculptures, coinciding with a resurgence of interest in the subject in Philadelphia. As the city passed a landmark law requiring a percentage of building budgets to support public art, large-scale, abstract sculptures proliferated.

Lisa Scolaro embracing President Rebecca Chopp.

A Five-Year Seminar

Fall 2014

Rebecca Chopp’s presidential mettle encountered its first major test shortly after her arrival in 2009. It came courtesy of what would one day be known as the Great Recession. Chopp’s resolve to put people first drove her response to the financial crisis facing the nation. The College made changes, as did all institutions. But at Swarthmore, no employee was furloughed. Nor did the College diminish its financial aid commitments to students.

Chopp, who left in mid-July to become chancellor at the University of Denver, had a far-reaching impact as Swarthmore’s 14th president and the first female leader ...