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We received the following submissions to our summer request for captions:

“I preferred the nightmare where you couldn’t remember the combination to your mailbox!”
—Sarah Shaw Wright ’59

“I sent a $5 donation two years ago and the flood started.”
—Sue Willis Ruff ’60

“After 54 years of recurring nightmares, I have finally remembered the combination!” 
—Helen Rees Lessner ’63

“How did you manage to have that many overdue library books?”
—Walt Pinkus ’65

“I knew we'd eventually create a Caption This that appealed.”

“I thought that Trump cartoon might provoke a response.”
—Herbert Moore (spouse ’66)

“I guess it wasn’t just a bad dream. You really did forget your mailbox combination.”
—Rod Chronister ’67

“I thought my nightmare was that I’d forgotten to go to class for the whole semester.”
—Dave Johnson ’73

“At the end of his senior year, Jim finally heeds the email reminders to check his P.O. box regularly.

“Huh, I guess there really is such a thing as ‘snail mail.’”
“It sounded like something out of a fairy tale … ”
—John Hanlon ’90

“I feel like you should check your mail more than once a year.”

“So THIS is what they call snail mail.”
—Adam Fagen ’93