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Colin Wordley ’64

Colin Wordley ’64, a programming entrepreneur and “well-known Jedi warrior,” died May 28, 2018.

As his loved ones wrote in their tribute: “He was stereotypically English and was a soccer coach and an avid gardener. He gave up his first love of alcohol to become a 'teetotaler' and was sober for 39 years. He was part of the fellowship of Alcoholic Anonymous in Delco where he refined his Force powers. He was often known to wear his Yoda shirt at local AA meetings and say ‘Do or do not, there is no try.’

“While this may sound pretty silly, there was something simultaneously adorable and profound about it. As one of his loved ones remarked, ‘He was a bit of a rogue, but he was lovable.’ Indeed he stole a number of our hearts before he suddenly absconded after spending his final hours sitting by his garden in the backyard. He will be deeply missed by all who knew him.”

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