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Lamb, Lost and Found

Thank you for “To Her, With Love” (summer 2018)—I owe my career as an architectural historian to Kaori Kitao.

I was one of her “lost lambs” who struggled from one department to another until Kaori and her colleagues in the Art Department welcomed us with open arms. She was willing to create a curriculum that met the department’s requirements and was tailored to my own interests.

During the countless hours we discussed the great works of architectural history and theory, I found my passion in life and gained confidence in my ability to think critically. Kaori’s classes were always in advance of trends in architecture and planning. She was as passionate about ways to “read” the built environment as she was about understanding the theoretical underpinnings of design. She taught by example, and as a professor for many years, I have attempted to implement Kaori’s lessons with my own students.

Thank you, dear Kaori.