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The redesign: highs and lows

If I may add some feedback on the recent redesign of the Bulletin: I, for one, like the new format. It is attractive and very readable.

I’m so glad that you haven’t succumbed to the fad that seems to be afflicting almost every other magazine, where the goal seems to be to include as many different fonts and colors as possible on a single page—so you end up with a jumble and it’s hard for the reader to know where to enter the page and how to flow from one detail to the next. And none of that “by the numbers” fad, where the reader is assaulted with a string of “factoids” devoid of context. Kudos!

—Bob Cushman ’71
Oak Ridge, Tenn.


The new Bulletin is a delight to the eye and fodder for the mind. Thank you! 

—Bill Ayres ’64
New York


I don’t know what in the world possessed you to reduce the size of the print in the new design of the Bulletin. The only reason I can imagine is to get more words on the page. If that is the case, attention should be paid to the relative importance of the information presented. The design is attractive, but readability rates low. The printing under most pictures is as minuscule as directions on a pill bottle.

I used to read the Bulletin cover to cover, but now I just select an article that I strongly want to read. If I were selecting a book at my local library, I would reject one with print this small. My vision is pretty good considering that I am 85, and I am not asking for so-called “large print.” But please go back at least to the type size of a normal newspaper.

—Emily Dayton Slowinski ’51