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Winter 2015: Captioned!

We received the following submissions to our fall request for cartoon captions.

“No, I never learned to sit or beg either, but I am very good at critical thinking.” —Bob Cushman ’71


“I’m just here to grab a few things for my Lab report.”—Colin O’Neill ’89


“I’m the dog that ate her homework.”—Sonia Mathews Maruti ’97


“I get a little concerned whenever I hear talk of dog-eared books!”—Ward Mazzucco, P’08


a. “I still think Professor Schmidt should have put ‘Milo & Me’ on the reading list.”
b. “Anywhere else a ‘sit’ and ‘roll over’ would have gotten you an ‘A.’ Here, you have to step it up.”
c. “I'm the dog that ate her homework.”—Sonia Mathews Maruti ’97


“I don't guess I’m going to need many books this semester. I’m just taking Lab courses.”
—Sarah Shaw Wright ’59


“Well, MY owner read the entire thing, aced a statistics exam, scored a try in a rugby match, AND founded a chapter of the ASPCA in one day.”—Will Craig ’96


“Frisbee. What’s your major?”—Chuck Kaplan ’80


“That's funny. You don’t look Quaker.”—Amy Stone ’64

Watch our Facebook page for an announcement of the caption contest winner!