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We received the following submissions to our winter request for captions:

“With so many students applying and enrolling, we needed to do something to cool the place off.”
—Alexander Gavis ’86

“Hmm. They must be converting the Sproul Observatory dome to a changing room on Parrish Beach.”
—Deborah Maraziti Skapik ’91

“Is this what the car buffs mean when they brag about their HEMI?”
—Gene Gertler ’57

“So that’s Ben Carson’s answer to the housing crisis?”
—Josephine Michener ’79

“It’s the new Koch Bros. Climate Lab.”
—Harvey Ingersoll Rothenberg (Spouse ’67, Father ’92, Grandfather ’20)

“Do you really think that this new dorm will attract more applicants from Greenland?”
—Bob Cushman ’71

“I thought climate change would make us very hot, not very cold!”
—Janet Reason Toye SP’65

“We’re a sanctuary campus for climate-change scientists.”
—Jimmy Wu ’94

“Listen carefully, as our menu options have changed.”
—Charles Miller ’59

“The housing shortage on campus must be more severe than I thought.”
—Judith Leeds Inskeep ’60

“Having ‘green’ buildings is getting a little out of hand, isn’t it?”
—Geralyn Esposito P’16

“It’s a lot cheaper than installing new heating systems in the old dorms.”
—Sheldon Siegel (Grandfather of Alex Siegel ’18)

“Opposite of a sweat lodge, I’m told. Intended to help senior honors chill before finals.”
—Herbert Moore

“The things we do for exchange students.”
“I know we have to make reasonable accommodations, but it would be nice if it didn’t melt every spring.”
—James Pasterczyk ’81

“What’s this? No one at Swarthmore needs to be convinced of climate change!”
—Ward Mazzucco P’08