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William Longaker ’42

William Longaker ’42, an esteemed psychiatrist and Renaissance man with an excellent sense of humor, died Dec. 1, 2017.

His secret for living to 97, per his obituary: “Accentuate the positive/ Stay close to your family/ Live with a cat/ Have a little gin/ Value peace and quiet/ Visit the ocean and the mountains/ Listen to music everywhere/ Drive a tractor and a fast car/ Pay attention to politics/ Tell jokes/ Have lots of cookbooks and use them/ Make your own bread and wine/ Grow your own grapes, tomatoes, and dahlias/ Live in the country in a college town/ Admire flowers & fishes, birds & animals/ Look at the moon/ Never stop learning /Read voraciously/ Enjoy your work/ Listen well/ Be glad your mother lived to be 100!/ Live life on your own terms and have no regrets.”

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