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Oh, He's Heard of It

Nick Martin ’04, CEO of TechChange, met Tigest Tamrat ’08, a consultant for the World Health Organization, for the first time in November while the two were helping to facilitate a workshop on digital health in the tiny country of Lesotho.

Scene: A buffet lunch during a two-week training at a casino hotel in Lesotho.

Nick: So, Tigest, where did you go to school?

Tigest: Oh man, I hate this question. You’ve probably never heard of it!

Nick: Oh yeah, I know plenty of small, obscure liberal arts colleges.

Tigest: OK, I went to Swarthmore.

Nick: What?!?!? I went to Swarthmore.

Tigest: You’re lying!

Nick: I lived in Wharton AB first and majored in English lit with a concentration in modern poetry (1890–1940). Don’t ask me about any poetry written after 1940!

Tigest: OK, fine, I believe you. That is such a Swattie answer!