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We received the following submissions to our spring request for captions:

“Look! Another garnet-caped s’moron!”
“The RAs are returning early this year!”
“Oh, no, it’s a yellow-breasted twit. Watch out for guano piles!”
—Josephine Michener ’79

“No wonder she won the popular vote!”
—Phil Robbins ’79

“Not another phoenix.”
—Charles A. Miller ’59

“Honey, call NORAD, it’s Kim Jong-Un again.”
“Normally, he migrates in May, but I guess global warming is affecting him, too.”
—James Pasterczyk ’81

“There goes another Swarthmore graduate, off to save the world.”
—Robin McCarthy Arehart ’92

“He said that the College would be very accommodating of someone who wants to save the world.”
—Alex Gavis ’86

“A bird? A plane?”
—Herbert Moore (spouse of Nancy Cooley ’66)

“Would you look at that? The students are writing their initials on the water tower again! That one says ‘C.K.’”
—Sue Juram McVaugh ’73