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Here's to the Rest of Us

I love reading Bulletin articles written by and about amazing, high-achieving grads, but then I think about all the others—the silent majority—who went on to “regular” lives. 

Disrupters change the world, but could we hear from the ones who keep the world operating? Who are coping? Who are living lives of simplicity? As a member of the silent majority, I would love to see you survey the alumni community for the “average” Swarthmore student. Publishing their stories would be illuminating and inspiring!

My Swarthmore education fills my life daily, from deliberating over lettuce purchases (when I was at Swats, we had none because of the boycott), to walking away from a finance job -dominated by making the rich richer, to leaving a too-conservative church. The list is endless. 

—KATHY PEARCE GLEDHILL ’80, Little Silver, N.J. 


Thanks, Kathy. Readers, the Bulletin belongs to each of you, regardless of your résumé—it’s our shared song of Swarthmore, and we would like to include as many voices as possible. Talk to us, “silent majority”: