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Papa Wheelie

I can relate to the report on Lynn West Salvo ’71’s cross-country ride (“Life Is Like a Bike,” spring 2017): In 1986, with my 50th birthday approaching, I wanted a novel way to celebrate.

When I mentioned that I was considering the big cross-country, two of my kids volunteered to accompany me: Dave ’83 and Brie ’89. (Brie was an undergrad; Dave quit his job at Chess Life magazine to participate.)

Starting out from Anacortes, Wash., we had the intent of ad-libbing—we crossed into Canada at Sault Ste. Marie, but soon found the densely traveled two-lane Trans-Canada Highway a serious risk and ducked back into New York. Finishing the ride at Long Beach Island, N.J., we did the traditional dipping of the front wheels into the Atlantic and went to the hospital to have our seats surgically removed.

We make no claim to any awards, but treasure the memories.

—GENE GERTLER ’57, Prescott, Ariz.