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We received the following submissions to our spring request for captions:

“That dolphin kick will never qualify for the competition.”
—Phyllis Hall Raymond ’54, M’71

“Yes, she’s beautiful, lithe, and fast—but she can’t hold a candle to you jogging, walking, or even standing.”
—Ferris Hall ’57

“Swarthmore’s commitment to diversity is totally awesome!”
—Jane Jonas Srivastava ’63

“I’m concerned about the lengths they’re willing to go to improve Olympic athletes’ performance.”
—Walt Pinkus ’65

“Wonder what her mercury content is.”
— Priscilla Coit Murphy ’67

“I should have taken Speculative Fiction.”
—Elisabeth Commanday Swim ’99

“Legs are such a drag.”
—Kevin Carr ’08

“Her breaststroke is great, but she can’t seem to get her kick right.”
—Sheldon Siegel GP’19

+ Editor's note: Caption This! is being retired in favor of our new Quiz’more feature. Many thanks to our faithful contributors!