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Council Updates

For three years now, Alumni Council’s hosted a professional clothing drive for Swatties. Next year, we’ll work with Ville retailers and a professional tailor.

Welcome, new members: Joseph Becker ’66, Geoff Cline ’96, Robert Cushman ’71, Petrina Albulescu Dawson ’76, Mike Dennis ’93, Sampriti Ganguli ’95, Christine Kim ’17, Patricia Scholz-Cohen ’85, Stephen Schwartz ’84, Riana Shah ’14, Kimberly St. Julian-Varnon ’12, Sean Wright ’96, and Shivani Chinnappan ’18.

Welcome, new execs: President Emily Anne Nolte Jacobstein ’07; VP Anne Richards ’97; Liaisons Julian Harper ’08, Laura McKee ’88, and Laura Markowitz ’85; Secretary BoHee Yoon ’01; Nominating Chair Janet Erlick ’88; and Special Appointees Kip Davis ’75, Way-Ting Chen ’94, Peter Jaquette ’74, and Charles Bailey ’67.

Jaquette and Bailey will explore initiatives such as the Sustainability Sages pilot, where alumni mentor current President’s Sustainability Research Fellow (PSRF) students.

“Sages provide academic and research support,” says PSRF alumna and Office of Sustainability intern Bridget Scott ’18, “and also build truly meaningful relationships.”

“It’s fabulous to work with students on projects with real connection to the College community,” says Jaquette, who helped launch the program.

Finally, we made a dollar-for-dollar match to the senior class gift, which raised more than $10,000 for the Student Emergency Fund.

To nominate an Alumni Council member, email Lisa Shafer: