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At home, even when it comes to tidying sofa pillows, Jen Moore finds the fun way to tackle mundane chores.

“I’ll just toss them across the room,” she says with a grin.

On campus, where she is the history department’s administrative assistant and assistant coach of the softball team, Moore is still fun ... and also fiercely devoted.

“I want my students to engage in campus life actively and get the most out of Swarthmore,” says Moore. “This frames my coaching role as a teacher and the field as my classroom.”

A first-generation college student who earned a master’s from the University of Pennsylvania, Moore is a lifelong athlete. Growing up, the “really competitive” New Jersey native started at age 5 with soccer, and moved on to basketball, field hockey, and her great love, softball.

One of the Swarthmore staff’s most valuable players, Moore relishes her roles, on and off the field.

“I value the Division III experience we have for the students here,” she says. “We really support the whole person—being fit mentally and physically.”