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The Spinnings Of Spiders

Remember Charlotte’s Web? That eloquent arachnid came to mind as I searched for the best words with which to introduce myself. 

“Some pig” was tempting—and perhaps accurate—but Charlotte’s “Salutations!” seems best. Not just for this occasion, but for the tone I hope to set for our magazine: hopeful, intelligent, whimsical, exuberant, kind. 

So: Salutations, Swarthmore! I am honored to be your new Bulletin editor.

We’ll have a long time to get to know each other—and I’m really looking forward to that—but first, I want to reintroduce you to our team. They might be new to me, but they shouldn’t be new to you, and I want to ensure they receive their due.

A purple-penned copy editor extraordinaire, Carrie Compton is our managing editor. As passionate about social justice as she is about pursuing a story, Carrie wrote the powerful “Correcting the Record.”

A country boy with big-city talent, Larry Kesterson is our staff photographer/videographer. His impressive work runs throughout our website and magazine, including “The Poetry of Pen and Ink” feature and video.

A thoughtful, artistic marvel, Phil Stern ’84 is our designer. His care and creativity are on full display in every page of this publication, particularly in “American Family, American Dream.”

Immensely kind, curious, and enthusiastic, Michelle Crumsho is our administrative/editorial assistant. Whether she’s staying late, selflessly offering her support, or planning surprises for the entire office, she keeps our magazine moving gracefully forward.

As for me, I’m a longtime writer and editor hailing from Dartmouth (by way of the University of Southern California, by way of the University of Kentucky). Before I left New England, I interviewed Don Mitchell ’69 for “Flying Blind,” which was the best introduction imaginable to my new role and my new life. 

I’m delighted to make my Swarthmore debut with this issue, which we’ve spun in honor of Charlotte and others like her (and I daresay you): selfless dreamers who use their gifts to change the world.

Swarthmore, I’m finding out every day, is full of such spinners, whom even the most remarkable spider would be proud to call friend. Read all about them in this issue—and every one after.

P.S. I’d love to hear from you!