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Despite the rain, Valerie Smith’s smile shone during her inauguration as Swarthmore’s 15th president. 

With 81 colleges and universities represented, friends, family, parents, faculty, staff, students, and alumni united for the weekend’s various celebrations, including the inaugural ceremony Saturday, Oct. 3, 2015. Marked by several impromptu standing ovations, the event proved just how eager the Swarthmore community was to welcome its new leader, who returned the affection with warmth and an inspiring vision for the College.

From the outpouring of excitement and support sparked by Smith’s ascension, we’ve excerpted a handful of our favorite Twitter tributes to #ValSmith15.


White House Af-Am Ed


Congratulations Dr. Valerie Smith on being installed 15th president!


Avril Nibbs Somerville ’93


How full a moment this is for us! Not overdue as much as it is timely. #ValSmith15 


Will Hopkins ’11


Looking forward to seeing what #ValSmith15 brings to @swarthmore. The community needs new, strong engagement and listening.


Rowan Ricardo Phillips ’96


As a @SwatAlum I wish I could have been there for President Smith’s inauguration. Congrats to @swarthmore for a truly great get. #ValSmith15


Khadijah White ’04


Sitting in my house clapping like a fool. President Smith is speaking on live stream of @swarthmore’s inauguration!


Kelvin Sauls


Processing into Fieldhouse @swarthmore #ValSmith15 walks in tradition of transforming lives with LOVE as guide.


Louis Lainé ’16


Val Smith’s swag/sense of style is on another level. Like, my God! #ValSmith15 


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