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We received the following submissions to our fall request for captions:

Penny Penfield Brown ’51:

"You’re flat again! G sharp!"


David Avila ’69:

"He's interesting, but sometimes I can't understand his accent."


Jim Pasterczyk ’81:

"I don't care if he is Lon Chaney's great-great-grandson, I still say he's flat."

"These howl-alongs just haven't been the same since we went co-species."


Camilla Dickinson Potter ’81:

"Apparently her campaign advisers told her to engage more actively with local traditions …"
"I told you we should go vote! Hillary is howling mad ever since she lost by two votes, and your daughter will never forgive you!"
"He fell in love the first time he heard her voice … but what will the neighbors say? On the bright side, she'll be a tasty morsel in a pinch …"
"She's the only voice teacher I could find. All the coyotes are stuck on the other side of Trump's wall."
"The music nowadays is just so tuneless and so lacking in poetry … or maybe Junior inherited your tone-deafness?"


Alexander Gavis ’86:

“If we can get one more Swattie, we will have sixteen feet howling at the moon.”