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Our Space, Our Time

Swarthmorean vital spaces—the theme of this issue—exist everywhere. Some of the most meaningful to us on the magazine staff, of course, are the ones you help us create in these pages.

Now, for the first time, you can more fully explore them and the entire ongoing Swarthmore College Bulletin story: Every previous issue, dating back to the magazine’s 1935 beginning as the Garnet Letter, has been digitized and made available online.

As you’ll see, we’ve also made some editorial changes starting with this issue. We’ve redesigned Class Notes and added a new, enhanced In Memoriam section, “Their Light Lives On.”

Our motivation for this was simple: The more connected we all are, the more effectively we can come together and change the world. We’re proud to give you the opportunity four times a year to pick up this publication and—just as countless other classmates and community members are doing at the same time—to look back, forward, around, within.

Ultimately, the Bulletin is a vital space where we can learn from, challenge, encourage, and inspire each other. Just like Swarthmore.

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