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Rosalie Berner Fedoruk ’63

Rosalie Berner Fedoruk ’63, a devout Buddhist and force of nature who earned two master’s degrees as well as Ph.D., died July 30, 2017.

“No matter what the subject, she was an intellectual explorer, dancing on the edge,” wrote Kathie Kertesz ’63 in tribute. “I used to tell Rosalie that if she had been a man in our era, her strong-mindedness and leadership qualities would have made her head of a corporation or maybe president. 

“Yet her happiest moments were being with her grandchildren or working in her garden,” Kertesz added. “Now, when I feel sad, I imagine her dancing through some beautiful landscape with darling Nick [Fedoruk ’62], both of them arguing and smiling at each other. It gives me solace.”