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Victory Lap

Two alumni won big state victories in November:


Dr. Josh Green ’92,
Lieutenant Governor, Hawaii

“I intend to be a humanitarian public servant, in the spirit of my Swarthmore roots. It feels like a dream to be able to take on the challenges of chronic homelessness, the opioid epidemic, climate change, ‘health care for all,’ and gun violence as a public health crisis, all as a politician/physician hybrid. It makes me very proud to know that Swarthmore grads keep choosing to change the world for the better.”

Phil Weiser ’90,
Attorney General, Colorado

“At Swarthmore, I learned the value of lifelong learning, developed an entrepreneurial attitude, and deepened my commitment to public service. I ran a positive campaign, focusing on the importance of the rule of law, fighting for opportunities, and protecting the rights of all; in doing so, I traveled to every county in the state and listened and learned. This campaign was the most challenging, interesting, and inspiring effort I have made; I know that it will help me better serve the people of Colorado.”