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Weed the People

I was pleased to see the Bulletin take notice of the legal cannabis industry, but surprised it didn’t cover the industry in a more expansive, inclusive way. Especially given the history of the drug war and the impact of prohibition and incarceration on communities of color, it would have been great to see your coverage include Swatties who have been involved in social justice, legalization, and the industry for years.

I’m the managing director of a consulting firm that has been working with investors and operators in the legal cannabis industry since 2015, and I also serve on the National Cannabis Industry Association State Regulations Committee. It’s an exciting time, but it’s also incredibly important to be aware of how media coverage of this newly legal industry can leave behind those who suffered under prohibition, and the activists who have been working for decades to make legalization possible. Please be mindful of this in future coverage.
—TANYA HOKE ’07, Cambridge, Mass.